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Sep - 14
shredding services for individuals

What is Business Sensitive Information

What is Business Sensitive Information Most businesses produce and handle sensitive information as part of their daily operations. According to the Privacy Act, sensitive information is all records containing commercial information, banks statements, financial and legal information about the business,…

Sep - 01


5 OFFICE SPRING CLEANING TIPS There is not better way to start spring than a spring clean. When winter finish some allergens  may stay at your office. Think about it, the use of heaters with close windows is the perfect…

Aug - 20

5 Tips to style your home office

5 Tips to style your home Office Because you deserve a beautiful space to work Working from home can be stressful or can be delightful, it all depends on different personal factors. Some of us have kids, and when we…

Sep - 18

NSW drivers were affected by a new data breach

Over 100,000 NSW drivers were affected by a new data breach on government agencies. In the first week of September information was made public that personal data of over 100,000 NSW driver’s license-holders might have been compromised, when a cloud…

Jun - 12
document destruction secrets


DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION METHODS PULPING YOUR DOCUMENTS There are different secure document destruction methods, one of the most important is pulping, which consists in destroying documents using water and bleach. Destroying your documents properly is crucial to protect your business security…

Jul - 03
document disposal

Bust office clutter – the smart and secure way

Loose, unsorted documents cluttering your workspace? It’s not only unsightly and inefficient, but with the increasing threat of identity theft and corporate espionage it’s also a security hazard. There are simple steps you can take to beat office clutter, reclaim…

Feb - 26

Appropriate Document Destruction Techniques

Nowadays, business records destruction is preferred to ensure the security of information and to keep unauthorised people from having access to sensitive data. Document destruction can be done in different ways and there are appropriate methods that must be followed…

Mar - 14

Stages of Document Destruction

Most people already know the importance of secure document management especially for those who handle sensitive information. Making data unavailable through records destruction is an effective way to make sure that documents will not be used on fraudulent activities. Document…