Mar - 05

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Document Shredding Service

Deciding that hiring a shredding company is the best method to destroy sensitive documents – no matter the size or the type of your business – is just the start of a journey in the search of the most suitable service for your needs.

Secure Bags follows some principles that will give you peace of mind, as this should be the purpose of retiring your office shredder and adhering to specialist assistance. Here are examples:

  • Compliance: Secure Bags ensures that the destruction of your papers occurs according to the government laws.
  • Security: The facilities used by Secure Bags for destruction of sensitive documents have been investigated and approved to the security level of “In Confidence”. The procedures of how your documentation is stored, transported, destroyed, have been cleared by the National Police Records Check, as well as staff. The company also issues a certificate of destruction for every service.
  • Environment: An environmentally responsible company will take the shredded remains to a recycling facility. This can promote your business as a socially accountable company as well.

If you value a company that has a strict protocol and wish to keep trouble at bay, please feel free to contact us on 1800 757 000 or send an email.