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Small Businesses. 5 Tips for marketing your small business on Facebook Successfully

Being on Facebook is a must for all small businesses, with over 1,8 billion active users  Facebook is the leading social media platform in the world, from millennials to baby  boomers, all generations expect their brands to have a social media presence on  Facebook. But the vast majority are not there for a hard sale or expect to be drowned  with a promotional post from their favourite brands.

Companies must provide their  customers on Facebook with content related to the brand but not exclusively hard  sales promotions. They also need to be aware that many customers now seek support  from their favourite brands on social media, and expect to have a response in a short  timeframe.
Facebook has become a window to how companies are doing, and customers can  judge them based on how many followers they have or how many likes their post  gather.

1. Choose the right audience. ​ Facebook allows you to segment audiences  demographically, geographically, and even psychographically depending on  the interests of your target market. Selecting the right target market can save  you hundreds of dollars as all your marketing efforts can be wasted on people  who might never be interested in your products or services.

2. Quality content means a better perception of your brand. ​ If there is more  on your Facebook than just an ad for your products, your customers are more  engaged and will become brand advocates for you. Social media channels  should provide maximum space for focusing on customers’ needs. This is what  they want, and this is what keeps them engaged.

3. Time is more valuable than gold.​ Also important to remember is that over a  third of your potential or existing customers will ask questions through social  media. Responding in a timely manner can result in a more favourable view of  your brand. Remember that many customers rely on social media for  communication with your company, so it’s vital to keep an eye on this from a  marketing perspective.

4. Own the criticism.​ Remember that even those who are not commenting or  liking your posts and content are still watching what the brand is doing. Social  media channels like Facebook also provide a pathway for criticism so while  you encourage feedback, it will not always be only compliments, an excellent  response to bad feedback could be even more valuable than a hundred likes.

5. Aim for the heart, not the wallet.​ Despite the potential for connecting with  customers social media seems to offer. Consumers are there to interact with  other people rather than brands. Facebook or any other social media  platform, is not an ideal channel for selling. Rather it is about making and  building emotional connections with your consumers and gaining their brand  loyalty.  Bonus Tip: Track your progress.

​Tools like Facebook Insights enables you to  track the total of fans your brand page has, see the number of their friends,  who commented on and who liked your posts to identify the potential  monthly Facebook reach. It also gives you the ability to know the best time of  day to post, the best day of the week to post and what type of content is most  popular. Although, this tool is continuously updated so you will need to keep  checking it back to stay in the loop.

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