Sensitive Data Protection

What is Sensitive Data?

All information that revel personal information about an individual such as address,name,phone among others is consider sensitive.Also information about a business like figures and other details is considered sensitive data.

Why Is important to Protec Sensitive Information

Printed information and digital data can be use to impersonate an individual and commit crimes, that is why all sensitive information must be protected.

The new regime will increase the maximum penalties for misuse of personal information by entities covered by the Privacy Act, from $2.1 million for serious or repeated breaches to the greatest of:
$10 million
three times the value of any benefit obtained through the misuse of information
10% of a company’s annual domestic turnover

how to protect sensitive data

When documents and digital information are available for use, the information’s owner must control the access to that information, that is known as Authorized level.
Any activity such as edition must be done with the right authorization, and the records must be safe all the time.
When is time to dispose the information or a device(for digital information) the securely destruction of the records must be guaranteed.
The Follow Privacy & Confidentiality act covers all small business that works trading Personal Data,  handle personal information, or is in under the Privacy Regulation 2013.

As a Consequence The Privacy Act must be followed by any business in the next categories:

If your business is not under those categories:

  • Has your small business had an annual turnover of more than $3,000,000? If So Your business must accomplish with the privacy regulation.
  • If your business is not under those categories, and the Net income doesn’t overpass $3.000.000 then you not need to follow the Privacy Act. However, you can opt to volunteer to follow the Privacy Act. Many small businesses that opt into the Privacy Act could experience a number of benefits, including increased consumer confidence and trust in their operations.

Our Guarantees

Secure Transit

Secure Destruction Process

Certificate of Destruction is Provided at not cost

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  • shredded paper is recycled.
Confidential  Document disposal


Confidential  Document disposal


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