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Sep - 14

What is Business Sensitive Information

What is Business Sensitive Information Most businesses produce and handle sensitive information as part of their daily operations. According to the Privacy Act, sensitive information is all records containing commercial information, banks statements, financial and legal information about the business,…

Sep - 01


5 OFFICE SPRING CLEANING TIPS There is not better way to start spring than a spring clean. When winter finish some allergens  may stay at your office. Think about it, the use of heaters with close windows is the perfect…

Aug - 20

5 Tips to style your home office

5 Tips to style your home Office Because you deserve a beautiful space to work Working from home can be stressful or can be delightful, it all depends on different personal factors. Some of us have kids, and when we…

Jun - 21

The stress only business owners experience

Business Owners Face More stress Being your own boss comes with the perk of not having to answer to anyone, the sense of freedom, and the possibility of creating something bigger than you. However, running your own business puts a…

Jun - 12
document destruction secrets


There are different secure document destruction methods, one of the most important is pulping, which consists in destroying documents using water and bleach. Destroying your documents properly is crucial to protect your business security and your customer’s trust. To start…

Mar - 18

Is it time to destroy your old uniforms?

Is it time to destroy your company’s old uniforms? Do you have a policy in place to return identity materials from previous workers? A uniform associates a person with the values of an organization. But what happens when an employee…

Jan - 15

The Office Shredder: Risks and Hidden Costs

The average office shredder seems like an inexpensive way to destroy confidential documents. But the office shredder can be risky and more costly than you may think. The impact, of becoming victim to identity theft, fraud and other fraudulent crimes…

Jul - 08

Your Trash may be an Identity Thieves Treasure

An obscure paper document may seem innocent to you. However, it could in fact contain just the right piece of information for an identity thief to impersonate you and conduct fraud. Leaving you financially exposed to debts from erroneous credit…

Jan - 21
protect confidential information

The Ultimate Guide To Smart Document Disposal

  Why is document shredding important? Be it companies or industries, documentation is the method used to store information of the company or clients. Important details like bills, expenditure sheets, financial statements, budgeting plans, employee and company files, manufacturing details,…

Sep - 03
protect your information

Why protecting privacy matters for every business

With ever more private information being collected by businesses and other organisations, and with threats like hacking and identity theft growing, it’s no wonder the mishandling of sensitive data is big news these days. Careless storage or disposal of documents…

Jul - 03
document disposal

Bust office clutter – the smart and secure way

Loose, unsorted documents cluttering your workspace? It’s not only unsightly and inefficient, but with the increasing threat of identity theft and corporate espionage it’s also a security hazard. There are simple steps you can take to beat office clutter, reclaim…

Feb - 26

Appropriate Document Destruction Techniques

Nowadays, business records destruction is preferred to ensure the security of information and to keep unauthorised people from having access to sensitive data. Document destruction can be done in different ways and there are appropriate methods that must be followed…

Mar - 14

Stages of Document Destruction

Most people already know the importance of secure document management especially for those who handle sensitive information. Making data unavailable through records destruction is an effective way to make sure that documents will not be used on fraudulent activities. Document…