There are different secure document destruction methods, one of the most important is pulping, which consists in destroying documents using water and bleach. Destroying your documents properly is crucial to protect your business security and your customer’s trust.

1.0 Find a trash bin


To start pulping your documents get a trash can big enough to place all the documents you want to destroy in.


The trash can must be made from a strong material, so it can endure the destruction process

2.0 Pour Bleach into the bin.

Place all the documents into the trash can and Pour in ½ Gallon (2L) of bleach. Bleach helps to break down the paper. Commonly used in the recycling of used paper, it will also destroy the colourants of ink.


3.0 Add Water

ADD (19L) of water, simple water it does a lot of the work. Once the paper is completely saturated, you’ll be able to turn it into an unrecognizable pulp.

Assure all documents are under the water, if you have more documents than liquid then do as many sets as necessary.

4.0 Wait

Let the documents remain in the solution for 24 hours. remaining in the bleach-water solution for 24 hours will break down the sensitive documents and make them easy to convert into a pulp.


pulping documents

5.0 Blend the documents


Once the documents are soft enough, blend them until they get a uniform mash. Other long strong tools can also work.



5.0 Dry the pulp


Dry the PULP.

Spread the mash on a large surface, and let it lay under the sunlight until it is dry. After it is dry, you can dispose of the Pulp in a simple garbage bag.




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