Jan - 13

Proper Ways of Handling Electronically Stored Information

In most offices, information can be in the form of paper documents or electronically stored information and while there are traditional methods that are followed to preserve the confidentiality of important paper documents, it will also be important to know the most effective ways to preserve sensitive and electronically stored information.

Technology has brought new and innovative ways to use and store information but along with these are strong concerns on effective and secure document disposal. Listed below are some of the most dependable solutions to keep electronic data safe and secured.

  • Identify the people who are allowed to know confidential data to limit access to electronically stored sensitive information.
  • Electronic data should be secured and technologically protected as well. This can be done by using passwords to access the system, changing passwords on a regular basis, and use of up-to-date systems as well as antivirus and anti-spyware software.
  • Choose secure document handling and document destruction services. There should be a specified time when used information should already be disposed. Secure shredding services and other document destruction processes can eliminate the risk for information to be stolen or used against your company.

There are different ways to keep electronically stored information protected. By using proper methods, you will be able to eliminate the problems that unwarranted use of information may bring your company.