Shredder Company approved agency to Collect and Destroy Documents

Being an approved Shredder Company means that all of the facilities used by Secura Bags Service for the disposal of sensitive documents have been investigated and approved to the security level of “In Confidence.” Not only the paper shredding facilities, but the document disposal and handling policies and procedures of how your document is stored, transported, destroyed, including the staff, have been cleared to a minimum of National Police Records Checks, and are all scrutinized during the accreditation process.

Secura Bags is a Shredder Company that provides: personal document destruction, commercial document destruction, and industrial document destruction. We are an approved agency to collect and handle sensitive documents

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Why hire an approved shredder Company?

In simple terms, you get a document shredding company that adheres to strict guidelines on secure document disposal and business record destruction.

How do I know that I am choosing a secure document handling company that has this accreditation?

Companies that are approved to do secure document destruction are able to give you a certificate of document destruction, you can also verify if the company has a NAID certification, and  the goverment requirements.

Australian Goverment Requirements

Why is important to secure document destruction?

Secure document management and records destruction is an effective way to safeguard the most confidential documents for any business or company. Finding a document shredding company that can perform secure document management according to industry standards will ensure a secure and reliable document and paper disposal to keep you worry-free.

Moreover incurring in data-breaches can be extremely costly for your company, avoid fines hiring professionals that are able to protect your information.



We are a Local Shredder Company

Secura Bags is proudly 100% Australian-owned and operated, when you choose our services you are supporting the local economy.

Supporting local companies is more important now than ever as all of us require the Australian economy to recovery a flourish again. 

Support Australian Economy!



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