Shredder Company approved agency to Collect and Destroy Documents

SECRABAG is a special division of National Document Shredding Service.     

When you hire our services, you are utilising a company that have been providing secure shredding services Australia wide for more than 30 years. We have the experience required to destroy all your sensitive information Safely and securely

Our outstanding paper shredding services have been designed to provide a premium solution to your needs. We have the strictest procedures in place, to assure that we comply with the Australian Privacy Act.

Our Amazing customer professionals are very supportive, efficient, friendly, and they are highly trained to fulfill all your company needs. We not only provide a secure shredding service but also a complete experience that guarantees our clients satisfaction.

SecuraBag is a Shredder Company that provides personal, commercial and industrial document destruction. All of our team members are police checked and are strictly vetted before they start their employment with us. Confidential records are transported in totally enclosed and lockable vehicles, and documents are shredded at our secure facilities before being sent to pulp.

A Certificate of destruction is supplied with each document destruction service, confirming that your material has been collected for secure destruction.

Shredder company

Why hire an approved shredder Company?

When you need to dispose of sensitive documents, you want to be sure they are destroyed securely and confidentially.

That’s where securabags comes in. We specialise in secure document disposal, ensuring that your documents are shredded properly and disposed of in a way that protects your privacy.

We also adhere to strict guidelines on business record destruction, so you can be sure your records are handled properly.

Whether you need to shred a few documents or destroy entire boxes of records, Securabags can provide the secure and confidential service you need.

In simple terms, you get a document shredding company that adheres to strict guidelines on secure document disposal and business record destruction.

Australian Government Requirements

Why is important to secure document destruction?

Secure document management and records destruction is an effective way to safeguard the most confidential documents for any business or company. Finding a document shredding company that can perform secure document management according to industry standards will ensure a secure and reliable document and paper disposal to keep you worry-free.

Moreover incurring in data-breaches can be extremely costly for your company, avoid fines hiring professionals that are able to protect your information.

Kathy Dundas
Kathy Dundas
I have been using SecuraBags for several years and have found their service to be outstanding. I run a mortgage broking business and have very sensitive client documentation that needs to be disposed of very securely. I can highly recommend this service. They are very responsive and cost effective.
Susie Bond
Susie Bond
Secura Bags were fantastic. Being able to shred boxes and boxes of stored documents. A great cathartic experience. To clear space. Very happy with the service.
Sheryn Mommers
Sheryn Mommers
Having not used this type of service before, I was not sure what to expect. Professional courteous service. Reasonably priced. I would have given 5 stars if the bins had been delivered and picked up from the front door of the property rather than half way down the driveway. Having said that, however, I would use the service again.
Brett Anderson
Brett Anderson
Arrived & was picked up on time, professionally
Brian Stoffell
Brian Stoffell
The service was well explained and carried out according to our agreement.
Christine Angel
Christine Angel
My home office was swamped in old accounts and paperwork. Secura bags was the answer. Bags delivered via post. No time limit to fill and just a phone call to organize full bags to be collected and securely destroyed. Super easy and efficient. Can highly recommend.
WiseUp Energy Solutions
WiseUp Energy Solutions
Calling Secura Bags was an efficient way to deal with piles of shredding. A fast and efficient service and such a relief to see the back of it. Thank you
Simon Sultana
Simon Sultana
Affordable yet punctual service. Ideal for a small business such as mine. Highly recommend
William Bampton
William Bampton
Very helpful, quick and easy to use. Recommended.



We are a Local Shredder Company

Secura Bags is proudly 100% Australian-owned and operated, when you choose our services you are supporting the local economy.

Supporting local companies is more important now than ever as all of us require the Australian economy to recovery a flourish again. 

Support Australian Economy!



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