Feb - 26

Appropriate Document Destruction Techniques

Nowadays, business records destruction is preferred to ensure the security of information and to keep unauthorised people from having access to sensitive data. Document destruction can be done in different ways and there are appropriate methods that must be followed when dealing with non-digital media.

Discussed below are some of the document destruction techniques that can be used when destroying paper and non-paper media.


For Paper Records: 

Document Shredding

This is one of the most preferred methods that provide a high level of security. There are different ways to deal with paper shredding and cuts are created in a variety of sizes depending on the level of confidentiality of the documents involved.

Document Pulping

Document pulping allows paper to be reduced into basic fibres and this can be a safe and sound destruction method when done correctly.

Document Burning

This type of document destruction is the least preferred method because of its impact to the environment. When doing this, it will be important to take into consideration environmental guidelines and local burning limitations.


For Non-Paper Media

When it comes to non-paper media such as videos, cinematographic film, and microforms, document destruction can be successfully done through the following ways:

  • Shredding
  • Cutting
  • Crushing
  • Chemical recycling

There is a variety of ways to deal with document destruction and there are important guidelines that must be followed to ensure proper disposal of records.