Mar - 14

Stages of Document Destruction

Most people already know the importance of secure document management especially for those who handle sensitive information. Making data unavailable through records destruction is an effective way to make sure that documents will not be used on fraudulent activities.

Document destruction is usually done with the help of document shredding services. The process involves different stages to be completed. Here is a quick look on how secure document handling is done.

Stage 1

Assessment of client’s records destruction requirements is done. After that, the most appropriate document destruction process is recommended to meet the needs of the client.

Stage 2

Delivery of security bins or secura bags to client’s location. These security consoles are placed in strategic areas allowing employees to place documents for shredding in the containers.

Stage 3

Authorised personnel from the document destruction company will come to client’s location as scheduled. Day and time of arrival usually depends on client preferences.

Stage 4

Depending on client’s choice, on-site or off-site shredding is done. For on-site shredding, documents are taken by a hydraulic arm to be fed into the truck’s shredding machine until they turn to confetti-sized pieces. On the other hand, off-site shredding is done by loading the security consoles on a secured vehicle. Documents for shredding are taken to a facility where the records destruction will be done.

Stage 5

Certificate of Destruction is given to clients to serve as s legal proof that records destruction was done to make sensitive information unavailable permanently.

Implement records destruction regularly to enhance the security of your business. Secure document handling is a must especially when it comes to records or information that are too sensitive for other people to see.