Jul - 03
document disposal

Bust office clutter – the smart and secure way

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Loose, unsorted documents cluttering your workspace? It’s not only unsightly and inefficient, but with the increasing threat of identity theft and corporate espionage it’s also a security hazard.

There are simple steps you can take to beat office clutter, reclaim your workspace — and stay safe and secure.

The first step is to look at everything. You don’t want to throw out something important, or keep something that isn’t.  However, if there’s no good reason to keep it, out it goes!

Anything you do keep should to be filed away so you can quickly find it again if you need it. A logical filing system will make it easy. For great tips on getting your filing system organised visit this site:


A great way to bust clutter is to digitise documents so they don’t take up any physical space at all. Store them on a cloud service like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Once you’ve busted that cluttered workspace it’s vital to securely destroy documents you don’t need. Don’t take chances — ensure sensitive data is completely erased with an experienced and professional document destruction service.

With optimum security clearance and low cost, Secura Bags provides an easy, flexible and secure document-destruction solution for both business and home. Our secure document bags (a minimum two per order), are delivered by Australia Post. Filled bags are then picked up by secure transport and taken to an approved site where all documents are comprehensively cross-shredded into tiny fragments before being transferred to a recycling facility for final, total destruction.

At the end of the process you receive a Certificate of Destruction, your guarantee that all data has been completely destroyed.

Phone us today on 1800 757 000 to find out how easy and cost-effective secure document destruction can be.