May - 01

Too small to worry about secure shredding? Think again!

identity theftStories about breaches of privacy and lax document security have been big news in recent times. But while most of these have centred on government documents going astray or big businesses being careless with sensitive customer information, these stories should be a wake-up call for even the smallest enterprise — and every individual.

Ensuring the secure handling and disposal of sensitive customer data should be a core commitment of every business. The dangers of failing to properly manage sensitive data — whether your own or those of clients and customers — are growing, and potentially devastating.

Corporate espionage is a major concern. Sensitive business documents that fall into the wrong hands can offer a potential goldmine of information for rival businesses.

Identity theft is on the rise. Sophisticated criminal operations are targeting poorly handled data in their quest to gather key details so they can pose as the targeted individual. Identity theft not only can cost an individual a fortune, but also have serious consequences for any business whose inadequate document handling and disposal contributes to the theft.

Individuals and families also need increasing vigilance when it comes to identity theft. Bank statements, tax records, bills and other documents are all potential sources of sensitive information about ourselves. A victim of identity theft can find their bank account emptied, huge bills run up on their credit cards, or even find their identity has been used to carry out major criminal activity.

Whether in your business or your home, disposing of sensitive documents by just throwing them in the recycling bin is simply not good enough. Secure document handling and destruction is essential — and with Secura Bags it’s easy, convenient, and affordable for small businesses, individuals and families.

For just $86 (incl. GST) Secura Bags offers:

  • 2 x Secure Document Bags
  • Delivery of bags through Australia Post (alternate delivery options available)
  • Collection of full bags from your premises
  • Secure destruction of bags and contents

To find out how easy it is to ensure your sensitive documents are securely destroyed, phone Secura Bags today on 1800 757 000.