paper shredding services

Paper Shredding Services

Safeguard Your Information with
Secure Record Destruction!

Are you in search of a trusted solution for securely disposing of your sensitive records?

Look no further! Our expert team specializes in top-tier paper shredding services, catering to both individuals and businesses alike. When it comes to safeguarding your confidential information, we’ve got you covered. Our services are not only secure but also designed to be prompt and entirely reliable.

John Cross
John Cross
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Very friendly and efficient
Adele Shen
Adele Shen
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Having been using this service for over four years, it has saved us a lot of time on paper shredding! Very reliable.
Anthony Bergman
Anthony Bergman
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Secura Bags Service was exceptional. Friendly staff, pickup and issue of destruction certificate were timely and efficient.
Andrew Adams
Andrew Adams
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Awesome service. Fast, reliable, well priced and exactly what we needed for our document destruction.
Brian Tarry
Brian Tarry
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Quick easy painless way to dispose of paperwork that needs shredding. Have used before and will use again
Robert Nicholson
Robert Nicholson
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Fast and efficient service very happy
Kathy Dundas
Kathy Dundas
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I have been using SecuraBags for several years and have found their service to be outstanding. I run a mortgage broking business and have very sensitive client documentation that needs to be disposed of very securely. I can highly recommend this service. They are very responsive and cost effective.
Susie Bond
Susie Bond
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Secura Bags were fantastic. Being able to shred boxes and boxes of stored documents. A great cathartic experience. To clear space. Very happy with the service.
Sheryn Mommers
Sheryn Mommers
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Having not used this type of service before, I was not sure what to expect. Professional courteous service. Reasonably priced. I would have given 5 stars if the bins had been delivered and picked up from the front door of the property rather than half way down the driveway. Having said that, however, I would use the service again.

Unmatched Security

We understand the importance of maintaining the utmost confidentiality in today’s data-driven world. Our cutting-edge shredding technology ensures that your documents are irreversibly destroyed, leaving no room for potential data breaches.


We value your time, which is why we’ve streamlined our process for your convenience. Whether you have a small stack or a warehouse full of documents, our team can efficiently handle the task, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations.


When you entrust us with your paper shredding needs, you can count on us to deliver consistently reliable service. We’re committed to maintaining the highest standards in every aspect of our work, from start to finish.

Eco-Friendly Practices

In addition to safeguarding your information, we’re also dedicated to protecting the environment. We employ eco-friendly practices to ensure that the shredded paper is responsibly recycled.

Our services comply with the legal requirements for private, commercial, and government secure document destruction: 

  • Drivers have their police clearance.
  • We track all the vehicles using GPS.
  • Papers are shredded in less than 24 hours after pick up.
  • Facilities are under CCTV surveillance.
  • Industrial shredders shred each sheet of paper into 3,700 pieces approximately. For this reason,  document reconstruction is impossible. 
  • After destroying your documents, we balled them and recycled them.

When you shred with us you can be at peace of mind! 

SecuraBags offers cost-effective solutions that allow you to protect your sensitive information without breaking the bank. Our pricing is transparent, and we provide options to fit your budget.

One paper bin for secure document destruction

Paper Shredding Bin


Paper waste Console

shredding Bags

Paper shredding Bags

Our process is straightforward:

  1. Request Service: Contact us to schedule your shredding service, whether you need a one-time purge or regular document destruction.

  2. Collection: We provide secure Bins, including our sturdy Shredding Bags, for you to collect your documents.

  3. Shredding: Our trained professionals handle the shredding at our secure facility.

  4. Certificate of Destruction: Upon completion, you receive a certificate of destruction, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations, without any additional charge.

SecuraBags is committed to providing comprehensive shredding solutions. Whether you’re a small business, a large corporation, or an individual, we have tailored options for your specific needs. 

Shredding Services For individuals

Individuals and households don’t produce much paper waste as big companies but still need to dispose of their documents securely.
We offer personal document destruction services to protect your information for a reasonable price.

When you hire our residential shredding services, we go to your home, so you do not need to leave the comfort of your house to shred your documents.

Secura Small-Business

Document Shredding Services For Business

Our secure document shredding services comply with the legal requirements for commercial document destruction. Whether you need to destroy your documents one time or shred regularly, we have you covered. Protect your business from expensive fines that can bankrupt your business.


Archive Box Destruction

Recover your space and declutter your office using our cleanout services. Our archive box destruction service is a one-off service designed to help you get rid of your old files. 

One driver will go to your office on the scheduled date and pick up your archive boxes to securely destroy your records. 

The service includes: pick up, document destruction and certificate of destruction. (min 6 archive box)

We have been providing secure document destruction and paper shredding services since 1990. During this time, we have:
-Served over 30.000 customers
-Acquired the expertise required to handle all sorts of documents.
We are a proven industry experts.



Secura Bags offers One-off paper shredding services, you can book online or through our phone lines. Our one-off shredding services are secure and comply with all legal requirements for secure document destruction. 

We offer paper shredding services on regular bases, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly. 


The disposal of sensitive information while keeping it safe during the process.

To qualify as secure, the process must guarantee:

-Records can’t be recovered or reconstructed.

-The information is under surveillance all the time.

-The process provides you with a certificate of secure record destruction. 


You may be wondering why you should securely destroy your records. After all, who can be interested in them?

Many people protect their information while they are using it. But not many pay attention to what happens to their documents when they no longer need them. Fraudsters know this, and they exploit it.

When you throw your documents into the bin, you allow them to collect those documents and use them against you or your customers.
Identity theft is one of the most common results, and it causes financial and credibility loss that can result in bankruptcy.

yes, you can securely destroy your own records. there are two available methods:

1.0 Pulping

2.0 Burning


Office shredders offer different levels of security, however most of them do not offer the security level required for secure document destruction(Micro shredding). Most paper shredded using an office shredder can be reconstructed.

All the services Secura bags offer qualify for secure document destruction, but not all companies provided secure document destruction. Before hiring a service you should verify  if the service they provide comply with the requirements for secure document destruction.

There are different secure record destruction services: 

Onsite: A truck go to your premises and destroy your documents at your facilities.

Off-site: One driver go to your house or office to pick your documents and take them back to a factory where they are securely destroyed.

Yes, our shredding bags are 100% Australian made, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

100% Australian owned and operated company

Founded by Theo St James in 1990, Secura bags is 100% Australian owned and operated. We embrace core values such as honesty, hard work, fairness, tolerance and equity. We believe small businesses are Australia’s backbone and must be supported.

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Paper Shredding Services for individuals & Business