Sep - 03
protect your information

Why protecting privacy matters for every business

legal law conceptWith ever more private information being collected by businesses and other organisations, and with threats like hacking and identity theft growing, it’s no wonder the mishandling of sensitive data is big news these days. Careless storage or disposal of documents can devastate a business’s public image.

Lawmakers around the world are also on the privacy case. In Australia the Australian Privacy Act (APA) regulates the handling of confidential information, with a maximum fine of $420,000 for breaching the law.

While businesses with turnovers below $3 million are exempt from the APA, Australian organisations of any size can be subject to overseas privacy laws. For example, the European Union recently introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), affecting any business, no matter how big or small, collecting data from EU residents, or even accepting payments in euros. Fines for breaches can exceed 20 million euros.

Under these laws responsibility for correct handling of documents extends from collection to destruction. When sensitive documents are no longer needed all private data must be completely erased, eliminating the possibility that it might fall into the wrong hands.

Secura Bags offers a convenient, cost-effective solution for secure document disposal tailor-made with small businesses in mind. At every stage of the process your security is our top priority.

  • All staff handling documents are cleared to a minimum of a National Police Record Check.
  • Our Secure Document Bags (minimum two per order) are delivered to you through Australian Post.
  • Full bags are collected from your premises and taken to an approved site for destruction.
  • Documents are put through a comprehensive cross-shredding process followed by recycling, totally erasing all data.

Don’t take chances when it comes to document destruction. Call Secura Bags on 1800 757 000 and order your service today.