male faceIn our digital world it might be surprising to learn that most people still prefer to use paper documents, particularly when it comes to one of the most sensitive aspects of daily life — their finances.

A recent US survey revealed that 70% of consumers would rather manage their finances using printed documents, while 65% prefer to receive both digital and printed versions of documents. The main reason is that for all their advantages, digital documents still lag behind old-fashioned printed paper when it comes to readability.

The kind of documents we tend to receive and store in printed form often contain highly sensitive private details — just the kind of material you don’t want falling into the wrong hands. These include bank and credit card statement, driver’s licence renewals, insurance policies, council rates, details of shareholdings, expired passports  — a veritable identity thief’s wish-list.

Another form of printed material worth adding to that list is photographs. Your image is a vital part of your identity and a seemingly harmless snapshot might help a criminal construct a false identity.

When it comes to protecting your privacy, secure destruction of such sensitive documents is essential. Simply disposing of them in a general waste or recycling bin is not a secure option.

Secura Bags offers the perfect document-destruction solution for individuals, families and small businesses, looking to protect themselves from the loss or theft of private data. Secura Document Bags (minimum order of two) are delivered to your premises. You simply fill them with the documents you need destroyed. We pick up the bags and transport them to one of our secure destruction facilities. All data is completely erased — our Certificate of Destruction guarantees it.

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