Jan - 02

Secura Bags: your Green Shredding and safe recycling option!

garbage wasteProtecting the environment should be a priority for every business and individual, and responsibly disposing of unwanted paper documents is a great way to minimise our environmental footprint. Recycling paper helps reduce deforestation and prevents paper ending up in landfill and creating greenhouse gases as it decomposes.

However, standard recycling services are not an ideal solution. For one thing, how can you be sure documents you deposit in your yellow-lid bin are really recycled?

Media reports have highlighted a crisis in Australian recycling, with overseas processors refusing to accept our waste. Partly this is due to their home governments banning importation of waste in an effort to safeguard their local environment. There is also the problem of contamination, with much of our recyclable material mixed with non-recyclables. The net result is that a disturbing amount of waste is not being recycled and instead being consigned to landfill — hardly the green solution we all would want!

Council recycling services also do not provide secure handling of documents, which means any sensitive material you deposit in a standard recycling bin is at risk of falling into the wrong hands, exposing you to potential threats, like identity theft or corporate espionage.

There is good news, though. By using a professional document-destruction service like Secura Bags you can be sure your paper documents are securely handled and recycled.

Our service is ideal for small businesses and individuals, with secure document bags sent to you by Australia Post. You fill them with paper documents and our staff collect them from your premises. At every stage of the process we safeguard your privacy, ensuring none of your sensitive data goes astray. All documents are comprehensively shredded then recycled, erasing all information.

Contact Secura Bags today on 1800958322 to learn more about green AND safe document-destruction.