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The Ultimate Guide To Smart Document Disposal


Why is document shredding important?

Be it companies or industries, documentation is the method used to store information of the company or clients. Important details like bills, expenditure sheets, financial statements, budgeting plans, employee and company files, manufacturing details, delivery addresses, contract deals, property papers etc. are all documented in files. The information contained can be extremely confidential. If gone into wrong hands, it can pose great danger and data breaches. Clients give out their sensitive information and keeping it secure the company’s responsibility. When the work is done, the documents mustn’t be kept unprotected in the open. The correct thing to do is disposing it off. Keeping such confidential data in the open can pose a danger. Document clutter at your workspace both occupies space and is dangerous. Identity theft is a major deal in almost every country.

A lot of industries are tied by law to destroy sensitive documents after the work is done. The most used method for document disposal is paper shredding. Paper shredding includes a machine called a shredder. The documents are fed into the shredder which shreds the sheets into fine pieces. This makes sure that the documents cannot be rebuilt back. These pieces can either be collected and destroyed or recycled — one of the best services for confidential document disposal Melbourne is done by Secura bags.

Why is confidential document disposal Melbourne important?

Paper shredding is majorly done to prevent ill usage of sensitive information in the documents. The following are the reasons why confidential document disposal Melbourne is important: –

  1. Everyone has the right to protect their personal information. In Australia, there are stringent laws to protect personal files. Institutions and organisations that possess sensitive content and don’t protect it face legal and financial consequences.
  2. Paper can be saved in a couple of ways. A step towards the paperless community is reusing the shredded sheets to make recycled paper. This way, mother nature is saved.
  3. Identity theft is an issue that’s concerning a lot of organisations. To avoid fraud and unpleasant situations, confidential document disposal Melbourne plays a vital role. Shredding destroys information and prevents identity theft.
  4. Offices and industries are more prone to a fire accident than other workspaces. Paper clutter makes the workspace more vulnerable. To keep the place organised, getting rid of old and unused paperwork would be smart. Shredding old documents will reduce space and help you with confidential document disposal Melbourne.

Why is paper shredding beneficial?

  1. Shredding is a foolproof process. Once the documents are collected, you know they’re in pieces and destroyed.
  2. There are services provided by companies, where they come to your office, collect your documents, seal them in bags, and securely shred them. Therefore, confidential document disposal Melbourne is taken care of by our services.
  3. Shredding contributes to the recycling of paper. This is a smart and eco-friendly way of dealing with documents. Thus, two purposes are getting solved by shredding. The confidential document disposal Melbourne is being carried out smoothly, and the raw material to making new paper is being fuelled.
  4. Paper shredding is an ultimate solution to useless clutter and document piles in workspaces. Loose papers and files lead to unorganised work culture. This further leads to confusion and unprofessionalism.
  5. It saves time. The fewer the documents at the office, the better organised it is. With less clutter, the efficiency of work increases
  6. By shredding, the company will potentially reduce the threat of a confidential leak.
  7. If there’s a data breach, the company can be booked under a lawsuit. This costs a heavy fine which would be of millions of dollars. By confidential document disposal Melbourne smartly, you can save yourself from the unpleasant situation.
  8. By disposal of documents, you protect the information of both your customers and employees.

What are the different types of paper shredding approaches?

Paper shredding varies with the particle size of the shreds. The size can be adjusted based on the requirements. At Secura Bags, confidential document disposal Melbourne is done efficiently by varying the shred sizes.

  • High security:

For documents that contain extremely sensitive information, the highest order of security is required. For these, a cross-cut shredder is used. The shredder is also known as a particle cut or confetti cut shredder. The pieces vary between 2000 to 12,000. The residue is more compact post shredding process. High security is maintained, and the document is completely destroyed.


  • Low security:

The documents that don’t contain very confidential data can be fed into conventional shredders. These devices are called strip cut shredders. They are also called straight cut, or ribbon cut or spaghetti cut shredders. The pieces vary from 40 to 90. The costs for the procedure are comparatively lower.

How is confidential document disposal Melbourne done?

When you decide to get rid of important documents safely, you must choose an appropriate company offering the service. Confidential document disposal Melbourne is done by Secura bags in Australia. It’s crucial to choose a company that is compliant with the NAID. NAID is also known as the National Association for Information Destruction. This organisation sets up rules and regulations on how to go about the entire disposal procedure.

The company follows all the required protocol to provide safe and smart disposal of confidential documents. The NAID includes a set of instructions starting from how the documents should be collected to destroyed.

  • The shredding company members reach the office and collect the files
  • The files are securely put in bags made of indestructible material.
  • The bags of files are transported safely to the shredding place
  • Shredding process occurs. The particle size can be manipulated as per requirement.
  • The shredded residue is used to make recycled paper
  • The useless documents are collected from the office periodically. And the process repeats.

Using the confidential document disposal Melbourne service, the documents can be smartly disposed of. Since the security of information is paramount, appropriate steps must be taken to protect it. Secura Bags takes pride in providing the best document disposal services in Australia. For further details, feel free to contact us.