Our esthetic confidential waste consoles fit all sorts of offices and provide you with a secure way to dispose of your sensitive information.


Our confidential paper waste consoles are the perfect solution for offices. The service includes console set-up, documents picked-up on schedule, secure document destruction and a certificate of document destruction.

This service is only available in Sydney and Greater Sydney areas. 

Each console has capacity for one bag (3 Archive boxes), however, customers will be provided with 2 Bags per service for a total of (6 Archive boxes per service)

Our consoles are a perfect fit for any office, they can be set up in small places.

Wide 45 cm

Deep  44.5 cm

Height: 94.5 cm

They have a secure lock with key, your sensitive information is safe all the time, there is a small grove on the top surface to introduce the paper once the console is locked.

Our consoles are not only safe but also esthetic, thanks to its beautiful design they go well with any kind of furniture.


Our confidential paper waste consoles are 100% Australian made, when you are supporting Australian economy. 


confidential waste contract

Sign contract

You can contact our customer support through our phone lines to organize the contract according to your shredding services needs.

confidential paper waste office console

Console Set up

We deliver the console and set it up for use at your preferred address. The initial console installation includes: Console, Metal stand for inside the console, and a packet of Two Secura Bags bags  


Scheduled Service

Our drivers pick up your documents  on the scheduled dates according to your contract and proceed to do the change over of the bags.

Certificate of Destruction

A certificate of secure confidential waste destruction will be provided to you, after each service. 


The Secura Bags Console has two available service options; The Console is supplied along with a scheduled Service on a 24 month contract .

The Secura Bag can then be scheduled for a change over every 4 weeks $69+GST or every 8 weeks $79+GST

The Console is initially delivered with a metal stand inside and the Secura Bag installed. The installation cost is $99+gst which is payable up front.

Monthly $ 69+GST

Drivers will pick up documents once per month on a scheduled date.

Bi-Monthly $ 79+GST

Drivers will pick up documents once every 8 weeks.

other schedule service

Not sure? Call us

If you have a different scheduled need, one of our customer service representatives can tailor a special quote for you that suits your needs. 


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