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JGandDK Cox
JGandDK Cox
Thoroughly professional, friendly, helpful and timely service. Solved a document destruction task with a minimum of fuss. Would definitely use this service again.
Dana Jennings
Dana Jennings
Excellent service, simple, no mucking around and fast when called for pickup. Will definitely use again.
Frank Donatiello
Frank Donatiello
a great service - thank you
Russell Crompton
Russell Crompton
Great service, handled with efficiency and reliable.
Susie Bond
Susie Bond
Secura Bags is a really helpful business. We got 2 bags which we took our time to fill for shredding. As soon as we were ready for pick up they were prompt and efficient in the process. We would happily recommend this business for your shredding needs.
Donna Gothard
Donna Gothard
Such an easy to use system. Have been using Secura Bags for 6 years. Extremely happy with the service and have confidence of the destruction of bags.
Su Armstrong
Su Armstrong
Excellent service - helpful and efficient.
Kiera Kiera
Kiera Kiera
Friendly and professional service.
Suzanne Casey
Suzanne Casey
Great service, on-time and efficient.

Document Shredding Services in Sydney

We offer a variety of secure document destruction services in the Sydney metro and greater Sydney areas. Our services include Document Shredding Bins, Document Shredding Bags, and Consoles. All our services are secure and include a certificate of secure document destruction.

One paper bin for secure document destruction

Paper Shredding Bin


Document Shredding Consonle

One shredding bag

Paper shredding Bags

Secure Shredding Sydney

All our shredding services are secure and comply with the requirements of secure document destruction. 

Our processes also comply with the destruction requirements under the NSW document and retention requirements policies.

We comply with the privacy ACT secure document destruction requirements.

After each service is finished we provide you with a certificate of secure document destruction. 

Records Destruction in Sydney

We are committed to bring an affordable and easy way to securely destroy business records for Sydneysiders.
We are aware of the needs that Sydneysiders have, time and space are gold when you do business in a vibrant city such as Sydney that is why we designed a product that saves you time, money and space.

Delivery times accross Sydney

Our document shredding services are not only secure but also fast and reliable. Each area across Sydney metro and greater Sydney is served once per week. If you book our services your Bin/bags will be delivered within the next 7 business days.

Free Delivery

For our customers in Sydney and greater Sydney there is no delivery fee on their document shredding services. 

Document Shredding Drop Off

You can always save money by dropping your documents at our facilities in Kogarah.

Our Warehouse is Open from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Please notice we do not allow customers to go inside the destruction facilities for security reasons.




Secure Document Destruction. Start shredding at  $65 Incl including GST, no contracts, no hidden fees, no extra charges.

When hiring bins you will be bound by time, if you have plenty of paper to shred bins make sense, but if don’t, you will end paying more for an empty space. Moreover, if you keep the bin for more time you will be charged extra.

When buying bags, you won’t incur an extra fee, bags are not tied by time, so you can fill them at your own peace and call to arrange their pick up at the most convenient time for you.


You do not need to go anywhere, the bags go to your place, we post them to your preferred address by Australian Post Office. Once you have received your bags you can fill them at your own peace, they don’t occupy
too much room, so you won’t need a big space for them. after finishing filling your bags you can call one of our agents to arrange the PickUp of the Bags, we service each area 1 day per week.
The driver will pick up the bags and they will be securely destroyed.
One of our agents will send you your certificate of destruction.


We have 30 years of experience securely destroying documents and none data breaches, why? because we know what we are doing, we are a secure destruction agency. our process is designed not only to comply with the law but also to provide an outstanding service.

-Police Checked Drivers.
-Vans are tracked all the time by our logistics.
-Secure facilities.
-Industrial Shredding.
-Certificate of destruction is given as proof at the end of the Process.