6 Methods to destroy your personal documents

To securely destroy your personal documents without a shredder you can: 

  1. Pulp your documents.
  2. Burn your records.
  3. Tear them into little pieces
  4. compose your documents
  5. Wait for a local shredder day
  6. Hire a one-off shredding service.

No matter what you decide to do with your old documents, do not throw them into the bin.


Pulping your documents

Pulping documents is free and super secure! 

Pros: Super secure, Free, environmentally friendly

Cons: Time consuming.

Pulping is soaking documents in a mix of water and bleach. After pulping your documents the information can’t be reconstructed. 


Burn your records

Another way to securely destroy your documents is by burning them. All you need to do is add those documents to a fire pit. However, remember to shred those documents into smaller pieces with your hand just before. 

Pros: Super secure, Free, 

Cons: Time consuming, not friendly with the environment, can be dangerous, illegal in some areas.

By following these simple steps, you can decrease the probability of being a victim of social media fraudsters.

Tear your documents into little pieces

You can always tear your documents into little pieces with your own hands or with scissors. before tearing the documents apart use a punch line to get rid of the sensitive information.

Pros: Free, easy

Cons: Time consuming, not very secure.

If you have sensitive information this process is not the best option. When using this method, your documents can be recovered.

Compost your documents

This is a more eco-friendly alternative, you just need to take the sensitive information with use a punch line, then just tear part the documents and put them into the compost bin.

Pros: Free, easy, environmentally friendly

Cons: Time consuming, not very secure.


Wait for a local shredder day

Some professional companies provide locals with a shredder day for them to destroy their documents. Ask around to know when is the next local shredder day.

Pros: Free, easy, environmentally friendly, secure.

Cons: local shredder days don’t happen often.

Hire a One-Off shredding services

Document shredding services for individuals are easy to use and very secure.

Pros: Fast, easy, environmentally friendly, secure.

Cons: You need to pay for them.

Hire personal shredding services

These companies provide document shredding services for individuals.

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