Secure Document Destruction

Secure Record destruction is the process to ‘destroy or permanently de-identify’ personal information where it is no longer needed”.
Secura Bags is a Secure Document Destruction Service Provider, we comply with the Privacy Act Law requirements to do secure record destruction.

Why Our Shredding Services are Secure?

We guarantee complete record destruction and the safety of the documents and papers during the process.


The Privacy Act law require that all documents that contain sensitive information must be securely destroy, in order to guaranteed the consumer’s safety.
Secura Bags follow Australian Goverment’s principles for secure destruction.


  • All drivers are police checked Australia Wide
  • Records are transported in totally enclosed and lockable vehicles
  • All Vehicles are tracked by GPS all the time
  • Cross Axis Shredding is done once the documents arrive
  • shredded paper is recycled.
Records destroyed by Secura Bags are not reconstructable


Secura Bags has been providing Secure Document Shredding Services from more than 20 years, during this time we have never had a data breach problem, we are experts in secure shredding service.
We are a National Shredding Services sister company, We provide professional secure destruction.

Our Guarantees

Secure Transit

Secure Destruction Process

Certificate of Destruction is Provided at not cost

Common Questions

The main concern after shredding documents is that they may be recontructed.
To avoid reconstruction a cross axis shredder is needed, after the shredding process taking care of the shredded paper is also needed.
Secura Bags Guaranteed a safe shredding service, we destroy your records in a securely way, so you can put your mind at peace.

We provide an economical service that is cost-effective for Individuals and Small Business, you can buy minimum Two Bags, which is 32kilos of secure destruction paper for only $86 incl GST, as little as $2.7 per kilo for a secure destruction process.
If your business is linked to a data-breach you may face expensive fines that can take you out of business, the most effective way to prevent this to happen is to hire a professional Secure Document Shredding Services provider to handle your destruction records.
Secure Shredding Service

Shredding Bags


Two Secura Bags ony $86Inc GST, each secure bag fills up to 30kg of documents to shred, 32Kg in total, only $2.7 perKg