Machinery for Sale

We are selling off two machines in excellent condition from our Shredding Facility. A waste compactor baler and a Toyota Forklift fitted with bale clamps. If Interested contact Theo St James at 0418 966 067.

Waste compactor Baler

Built to handle any situation. From cardboard, plastic, PET, paper, and other recyclable items, our balers effortlessly press the material into tightly compacted bales for safe, easy handling and transport.

  • Year of Manufacture: 2007
  • Minimize waste storage space on site
  • Reducing the logistics of waste management
  • RAM: 6" 2600 stroke
  • Motor: WEG 22KW 4P 3 inch diameter
  • Power Pack: rex- PG3FBS52SF+44 SFR pump gear double

Toyota Forklift

Rarely used Toyota Forklift, great working condition. Description: Circa 15, Toyota, 32-8FG18, Forklift (Bale Clamps)

  • Year of Manufacture: 2008
  • Hours: 1561
  • Fitted With: Bale Clamps
  • Lift Height 4500mm
  • Mast Vertical 1360kg
  • Engine Capacity: Petrol or LPG (Dual)