Confidential Bag
Shredding paper Bag

Be Smart don’t Pay More!

Our Confidential Bags Hold Up to 40Kg, while other Bags only support from 5kg to 15 max 5kg, Secura Bags offers you 40kg, which makes our solution the most affordable and professional service in Sydney.

We provide Confidential Bags in Sydney metropolitan and rural areas.

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Why Secura Bags?

Tracked from collection through to destruction

Once you have filled and sealed the bags, you can call our professionals to schedule the pick-up, One Secure Driver in Sydney will be roast to transport the confidential bags to our destruction offices. Our trucks are monitored all the time and our drivers are police checked.

Shredding is Environmentally Friendly

Step forward and take care of the environment while you do your secure document destruction. All our products are environmentally friendly, our confidential Bags are destroyed and recycled. we close the loop.

Small Price, Great solution

Confidential Bags price is lower than other kinds of solutions, your business avoids paying for rental bins while getting professional and secure destruction at the same time. Call to Our number in Sydney Metropolitan and Rural Areas.

Your Choice Supports Sydney Economy

While Other companies belong to foreigners outside the country, Secura Bags is proudly 100% Australian Owned and operated, through your decision of Shred with us, you support Sydney families, neighbors, and friends. Secura Bags is the Australians Choice.

To Support Our economy while Shredding Call Us Now1800 001 044!

Easy Process

Shredding documents using a shredder is not as smart as you can think. When you shred documents, you are spending heaps of time doing it also other hidden costs such as electricity and repairs.

When you shred documents with us you save time and money, moreover is easy and affordable.

Secura bags is a secure document disposal provider.

The process is simple, Order your bags, receive them through Australian Postal code, fill them up, and call to schedule the Pick-Up!

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