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5 tips to improve the safety of your business


Managing the day to day of a business is already complicated enough to have to solve incidents and security problems. Reduce all document management costs in your business and contact us today to schedule our visit to pick up your documents. All the paper is recycled after destruction, so choosing Secura Bags services you’re contributing with the environment.

If you have ever been robbed or tried to pay with fake bills, we show you a collection of the best methods to improve the security of your business:

Security cameras: Camera circuits are not what they used to be. The price has dropped a lot, the cameras have 4K resolution and they emit their signal via wifi, you can even follow them through your smartphone and they are the best proof in a judicial process.

Train your employees: One of the key points of any business is the training of employees. If someone else works in your business other than yourself, doing a training course on risky events such as fires or robberies is the best gift you can give your peace of mind.

Automatic billing systems: To protect you against the use of counterfeit bills, we recommend that you try automatic billing systems, which will not only avoid errors in the return of money, but also have a counterfeit bill detection system.

Silent alarms: In family businesses the confrontation with criminals is not an option. Not only is it dangerous, but the risk does not compensate for catching the thief. The best thing you can do is install silent alarms and notify the police so that they proceed to arrest the perpetrator

Hire a good insurance: Although Spanish legislation is very clear on this issue, there are still many small businesses that do not have insurance with strong coverage.

To what extent does the risk compensate? A multinational can afford to lose a place of the 1,600 it has, but for a family business with 1 or 2 stores, there is an altercation and have to close to fix the damage is a fairly high economic blow.

9 computer security tips for companies

Your business depends more and more on technology. We use the computer to perform all kinds of tasks (accounting, preparation of documents, banks, information search, online store …) and we store a lot of information in them. What less to spend some time to protect them from any danger, right? Below we offer the basic information security tips that you must follow to make your company safe.

1.Use an antivirus

It seems incredible that we still have to say it. the use of an antivirus program is basic to use a computer. Almost that should be the first thing to install, after the operating system. This will protect you from viruses, spyware and other threats. A single unprotected team can affect the security of the entire company.

  1. Protect your Wi-Fi

Use a strong password and do not give it to anyone: in case you have visitors often and want to give them access to the Internet while they are in business, set up a network for guests. It is safest to hide the SSID of the network, so you have to know your name to connect to it for the first time. You can also filter the access by MAC address. In this way, only the devices you have identified can be connected through their physical address.

  1. Be careful with where you connect

As much security as there is in the corporate network, if you then connect the laptop to any open Wi-Fi network, you may be throwing it all to the ground. It is usual to bring the laptop to advance work while you drink something in a cafeteria, waiting for a flight, in a fair or congress, etc. You must take into account that free public networks can be very insecure.

Use to the extent possible encrypted connections and trying to carry delicate jobs while you are connected there. It is preferable that you share the data connection of the smartphone to connect to a public network. The advisable thing, in all the cases, is to use a VPN.

  1. Use strong passwords.

Another classic advice. Please, do not use “123456”, or your name, or that of your children or your pet, as a key. In fact, it is best to use random strings that include letters, numbers and other less common symbols. If it is difficult for you to remember it, how much more will it cost to guess it to a possible intruder?

  1. Do not install anything

Never install programs from unknown sources. Do not download anything from suspicious pages or that you do not know. You may be installing malicious software without knowing it.

  1. Be careful with what you post on social networks.

It never hurts to think about things before uploading them to social networks. You can be revealing to the world much more than desirable

  1. Make backup copies

If they gave any tech journalist or security expert a euro every time they made this recommendation … well, they would not be rich, but they would have raised enough to invite friends to reeds. You must configure the automatic backup copies of the important data all the computers of the business.

  1. Control access to equipment

Work devices should not be used by anyone other than you. Do not lend the computer to anyone or leave them to the children to play for a while. In the case of a company, physical access to the equipment must be controlled by unauthorised personnel.

  1. Do not lose sight of mobile devices

Laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices are candidates for theft or loss. In the case of the phone, do not forget that it is a real computer that contains a lot of sensitive information. If you lose it, you will not only be giving access to your business data: you will be exposing your whole life. Extreme caution, a few seconds in front of an unlocked phone can be enough for an intruder.

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