Shredding Paper is the process of destroying documents by shredding them, there is a variety of shredders some of them small and cheap and others expensive.

Shredding Services aim to provide a shredding solution of for people and business that requires destroy their documents.
Shredding documents require time and energy, this process can be exhausting and expensive if you have a large amount of documents to destroy.
When a professional shredding service is hired the cost decrease as is done in no time.
There are two types ps Shredding Services.


Companies which offer shredding services, that only includes the destruction of the documents, none security measure is taken to protect the information contained in the documents.


The service not only aim to destroy de document, but also to protect the information contained withim.The procedures change according to the country laws, however, the goal is protecting the sensitive data from data-breaches that can end in identity thefth.
The price vary from company to company but shredding services start from $2 per kilo and the price increase according to the security level and services included in the service.
Secura Bags Offers a $2.7 per kilo including delivery,pick up and secure destruction process.
Bins are able for companies that shred more than 2 Bins of paper per week starting at $68

The level of security depends on the service hired, while some companies can be cheaper than other they probably wont be able to do a secure destruction process.
Usually a company that does secure destruction will give you a Secure Destruction certificate.
All depends on your needs, if you don’t handle sensitive information and you are not worried about data-breaches and the volume of paper is small a shredder machine can do the job.

If by the contrary you handle sensitive information a secure shredding service may be required. If your business shred 480Lt or more of paper in two weeks, then you will require hiring bins, however if you don’t the best option is hiring Shredding Bags, so that you do not pay more for empty space.


  • All drivers are police checked Australia Wide
  • Records are transported in totally enclosed and lockable vehicles
  • All Vehicles are tracked by GPS all the time
  • Cross Axis Shredding is done once the documents arrive
  • shredded paper is recycled.

Our Guarantees

Secure Transit

Secure Destruction Process

Certificate of Destruction is Provided at not cost

Secura Bags provides a confidential document disposal and secure document shredding for ALL types of documents, with the highest standard national wide.Old documents can be a waste of space and a high risk as they contain sensitive information related to your business. Secura Bags provides a unique service, removing the danger of losing sensitive information through our easy and fast service.
Includes: Delivery + Pickup + Destruction, Regional Pick Up Fees Apply ($15 per bag)


Shredding Bags


Two Secura Bags ony $89Inc GST, each secure bag fills up to 32kg of documents to shred, 32Kg in total, only $2.8 perKg