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$2.8 p/Kg

We protect individuals and companies from data breaches by securely destroying their records.

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Only $89

We offer document shredding services that are not only secure but also affordable, our competitive prices & fast service enable our customers to save time and money. Certificate of Secure Document Destruction is provided at not additional cost.

One-off Shredding Service

$89 p/Bin incl GST

confidential bags

Two Shredding Bags

$89 p/Bin incl GST

Metal Stand

$89 p/Bin incl GST

People’s privacy is a core value to us. Protecting sensitive information is a must because when in the wrong hands can be used to commit fraud or lead to identity theft. These crimes can lead to economic losses and expensive fines.

Secura Bags protects individuals and businesses information by securely destroying their documents when they are not longer need it . With over 30 year’s of experience shredding Australian’s documents  and up to 30.000 customers we are a proven industry expert.

100% Australian owned and operated company

We offer one of the best document shredding services, ensuring a seamless process for all our clients with documents picked up from you on request, then all contents are taken away and destroyed to ensure secure document disposal.

Office Solutions

Paper Shredding Services for Small Offices and Businesses.

Shredding services for individuals

Paper Shredding Services for individuals

Shredding Services

confidential bags

Shredding services for individuals

Secura Bags provides shredding services tailored to fulfill your personal destruction needs; we understand individuals don’t produce that much paper waste as big companies do, but they still require personal document destruction services that guaranteed the safety of their information.

Our paper shredding service for individuals provides the most secure document shredding service in the industry while keeping an affordable price and offering the easiest way to completely destroy your records.

Where can I get confidential papers shredded?

You can have your confidential papers shredded in any principal city or regional area, we send the bags to your house or office and we pick them up when they are filled.

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